Complaints Procedure

  • Client Feedback and Complaints

    At Sky Solicitors Limited, we prioritize our commitment to delivering top-notch service to our clients. We greatly appreciate feedback as it aids our continuous efforts to improve our service. If you believe that the service provided doesn’t meet our high standards or that there’s room for improvement, please let us know. If our service falls short of the expectations we have set for ourselves, we would like the opportunity to correct it.

  • How to Give Feedback or Make a Complaint

    Wherever possible, we encourage you to discuss any feedback or concerns informally with the lawyer managing your case, as they may be able to address your concerns without the need for a formal complaint.

    However, if the lawyer dealing with your case cannot resolve your issue informally, or if the issue is of such a serious or sensitive nature that you do not feel comfortable addressing it with them, please feel free to raise your concerns with our complaints handler, Imtiaz Ranjha, under this policy as a formal complaint.

  • How to Make a Formal Complaint Under This Policy

    To enable us to thoroughly investigate your concerns, we need a comprehensive understanding of the issues. We would like to hear from you via email or post, briefly outlining:

    1. Why you are dissatisfied with the service you have received.
    2. Your preferred contact method for your complaint going forward.
    3. Any particular action you would like us to take to resolve your complaint.

    Please send your concerns via email to:

    Or by post to:

    FAO: Imtiaz Ranjha
    Sky Solicitors Limited
    169 High Road,
    Ilford Essex,
    London IG1 1DG,
    United Kingdom

  • What Happens After I Have Made a Complaint Under This Policy?

    Upon receipt of your complaint, we will:

    1. Send you a written acknowledgement within seven working days.
    2. Conduct an investigation, which may involve reviewing your case files and related records, discussing the issues with the team who have been working on your matter, and arrange a discussion with you to try to agree on how to resolve the issues within 21 days of receiving your complaint.
    3. Promptly request any further information from you that may assist our investigation.
    4. Provide you with a formal written response setting out the conclusion of our investigation and any proposals to resolve the matter.
    5. Remind you that you may be entitled to refer your complaint to the Legal Ombudsman and provide details for doing so at the end of our complaints process.

    We will not charge you for investigating and responding to your complaint. Your complaint will be investigated and handled independently of your legal matter. This means that if your legal matter is ongoing, it will continue to progress as normal and will not be affected by the complaints procedure, assuming no conflict of interest has arisen, and that you continue to comply with our engagement terms as set out in our engagement letter and terms of business.

    For the rest of the procedure and other details, please refer to the original complaint procedure above, replacing “Adam Bernard Solicitors” with “Sky Solicitors Limited” and “Bilal” with “Imtiaz Ranjha”