Certifying Documents

Providing services to certify documents as true copies of the original, in compliance with the regulations and procedures specified by UK authorities for document certification.

FAQ OF Certifying Documents

  • What does it mean to certify a document?

    Certifying a document involves verifying that a copy is a true and accurate representation of the original. The certifier examines the original document and confirms that the copy is a faithful reproduction.

  • Who can certify documents in the UK?

    In the UK, certain individuals are authorized to certify documents, including solicitors, notary publics, commissioners for oaths, and other qualified professionals. Each institution or authority may have specific requirements regarding who can certify documents.

  • When would I need to get a document certified?

    Documents may need to be certified for various reasons, such as when providing evidence for legal matters, applying for visas or passports, submitting educational qualifications, or complying with specific organizational requirements.

  • What types of documents can be certified?

    Various types of documents can be certified, including identification documents, educational certificates, employment letters, bank statements, legal agreements, and any other documents that require verification of authenticity.

  • Can Sky Solicitors certify my documents?

    Yes, solicitors at Sky Solicitors may be able to certify your documents, depending on the specific requirements and their areas of expertise. They can review the document, compare it to the original, and provide the necessary certification if appropriate.

  • What is the process for certifying a document?

    The process typically involves presenting the original document along with a copy to the certifier. The certifier will compare the copy to the original, certify the copy by adding a statement, signature, and contact details, and then return the certified copy to you.

  • How long does the certification process take?

    The duration of the certification process can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the document and the availability of the certifier. In most cases, the certification can be done promptly once all the necessary documents are provided.

  • Can I certify my own documents?

    Generally, individuals cannot certify their own documents. Certification typically requires an independent third party with the appropriate authority to verify the authenticity of the document.

  • How long is a certified document valid?

    A certified document does not have an expiration date. However, it is advisable to obtain a recent certification to ensure it is more readily accepted by the relevant authorities or organizations.

  • What if my document is not in English?

    If your document is not in English, you may need to have it translated by a certified translator before it can be certified. Sky Solicitors can guide you on the requirements for document translation and assist you in finding a reputable translation service if needed.


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