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  • UK Student Visa (formerly tier 4 visa)

    If you are an international student looking to pursue higher education in the UK; the Student Visa will permit you to do so. Nevertheless, per the Immigration point-based system, you are required to meet a minimum of 70 points threshold to successfully apply for this route. Moreover, you must have received a confirmation of acceptance from a licenced study sponsor (nominated supervisor). In addition to these requirements, satisfying the English language and Financial requirements are among the major eligibility conditions.

  • UK Student Visa Eligibility

    Before applying for a UK Student visa, it is important to satisfy the following requirements:

    • Must have received unconditional study offer from a licensed sponsoring UK based institute.
    • EMust have received a letter of confirmation from a nominated supervisor (from the approved sponsoring organization).
    • Must meet the 70-score threshold per point-based system under the UKVI policy.
    • Must have relevant qualifications required to be enrolled for the subsequent study program with a strong genuine motivation to study in the UK.
    • Must be able to financially support yourself or any joining family members/dependents.
  • Points Based Score Threshold as a Student

    You need to prove the following conditions.

    • Received confirmation of acceptance for prospective studies (50points)
    • Satisfied the minimum financial requirements (10points).
    • Meet the minimum English language requirements (10points). B2 level per CEFR criteria if the course is below degree level, A1, and or A2 for the higher degree programs i.e. Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D.
  • Supporting Documents

    To expedite the UK study visa application success, providing the supporting documentation proof is an integral part of the smooth running of your overall application process.

    With this in mind you must be able to provide all the prerequisite information and the following documentation:

    • A valid passport/ any valid and most recent travel document.
    • A confirmation letter of acceptance from the nominated supervisor of interest.
    • Proof of financial support statemente, i.e., Bank statements.
    • A valid Academic Technology Approval Scheme certificate if it’s part of your chosen coursework requirements.
    • Medical reports i.e. Tuberculosis test results if applicable.
    • A written consent from your approved supervisor that he/she is willing and agreed to support with your studies, living, and accommodation, etc.

    Moreover, documents that are not in English/Welsh must be translated by an approved translator. Be sure to include both the original as well as the translated versions in your application portfolio.

  • English Language Requirements

    When you are planning to study in the UK, as an International candidate you are required to satisfy the minimum English Proficiency requirements per CEFR level which varies i.e. B1 level for the studies lower than the degree level, B2, A1, and A2 levels are recommended for the higher-level degree programs such as Masters and PhDs, etc. You must take these tests from approved SELT centres/English Language test providers located worldwide.

    Satisfying the English Language requirements:

    The following ways you can qualify and meet the language requirements if:

    • Your previous education/degree was taught exclusively in English either during an undergraduate or postgraduate level, in which case you may only be required to provide the accredited English proficiency letter/ a certificate issued by your previous institute.
    • You have already taken and approved the required English level through another immigration visa.
    • You are applying for the study abroad programme in the UK, as part of the degree course taught in one of the US universities.
  • UK Student Visa Application Fee

    As with other UK immigration routes, you are required to apply online whether you are inside or outside the UK. Be sure to pay the full application fee for the UK student visa which is currently set as follows:

    Applications made from outside the UK £348
    Applications made within the UK £475
    Student Visa Extension applications £475
  • Student Graduate Route

    Uk government has introduced the Graduate route visa for the students to develop their participation in the job market of the UK.

    • The Graduate Route is available to international students who have been awarded a degree at undergraduate level or above at a Higher Education Provider with a track record of compliance.
    • You must have a valid Student visa at the time of application.
    • If your Student permission expires before 1 July 2021, you will not be eligible to apply (unless you can extend your Student permission first, and meet the other requirements).
    • You can only apply from inside the UK.

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