Property Disputes

Our team is adept at managing a variety of property disputes including boundary disputes, rights of way issues, and party wall disputes. We will fight to protect your rights and ensure a fair resolution.
  • What types of property disputes can Sky Solicitors assist with?

    At Sky Solicitors, we can assist with a wide range of property disputes including boundary disputes, rights of way issues, disputes over property ownership, leasehold disputes, disputes with developers, landlord and tenant disputes, and more.

  • What is a boundary dispute and how can you help?

    A boundary dispute occurs when neighbouring property owners disagree about the boundary line between their properties. We can assist by providing legal advice, reviewing property deeds, engaging surveyors, and representing you in negotiations or court proceedings if necessary.

  • How long does a property dispute take to resolve?

    The length of time it takes to resolve a property dispute can vary widely depending on the complexity of the dispute, the willingness of the parties to negotiate, and whether court proceedings are required. We aim to resolve disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible while protecting your interests.

  • Can Sky Solicitors help with property disputes involving landlords and tenants?

    Absolutely, we are experienced in handling a wide range of landlord and tenant disputes including issues relating to rent arrears, property repairs, deposit disputes, eviction proceedings, and breaches of lease terms.

  • What costs are involved in resolving property disputes?

    Costs can vary depending on the nature of the dispute and the legal processes required. These can include our legal fees, court fees, and potentially costs for experts such as surveyors. We will provide a clear estimate of costs at the outset and keep you informed of any changes as your case progresses.

  • What happens if my property dispute goes to court?

    If your property dispute goes to court, we will represent you throughout the proceedings, ensuring that your case is presented effectively. This could involve preparing and submitting legal documents, representing you in hearings, and negotiating settlements.

  • Can Sky Solicitors help with a dispute over a right of way?

    Yes, we can help resolve disputes over rights of way, which can occur when a property owner blocks or interferes with a neighbour’s legal right to pass through a portion of their property. We can help by reviewing legal documents, advising on your rights and obligations, and representing you in negotiations or court proceedings.

  • Can you help resolve a property dispute without going to court?

    Absolutely, we always aim to resolve property disputes without the need for court proceedings if possible. This can often be achieved through negotiation, mediation, or other forms of dispute resolution.

  • What if I’m in a dispute with a property developer or builder?

    If you’re in a dispute with a property developer or builder, we can help. This could involve issues such as poor workmanship, delays, or breaches of contract. We can provide legal advice, assist with negotiations, and represent you in any necessary legal proceedings.

  • Why should I choose Sky Solicitors for my property dispute?

    At Sky Solicitors, we combine in-depth legal expertise with a pragmatic and supportive approach. We understand that property disputes can be stressful and strive to provide clear, effective advice and representation to resolve your dispute as quickly and favourably as possible.


The information provided in these FAQs is for general informational purposes only and may not reflect the most current legal standards or interpretations. Laws and regulations regarding leasehold enfranchisement are subject to change, and the specific circumstances of each case can impact its outcome. It is advisable to consult with a professional legal service provider like Sky Solicitors to obtain up-to-date and tailored advice based on your individual situation. Sky Solicitors can assess your case, provide accurate information, and guide you through the leasehold enfranchisement process in accordance with the most current laws and legal provisions.

Note: The FAQs provided are for informational purposes only and should not be considered as legal advice. It’s always recommended to consult with a professional legal service provider like Sky Solicitors for personalized advice related to your specific situation.