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  • How Sky Solicitors can help you?

    It is important to note that if you decide to do a bail application yourself, it could be refused, and another bail application cannot be made for at least 28 days. We make a bail application in the correct manner and on the date of your hearing, instruct specialist barristers, who are aware of the technical law to represent you on the date of your hearing.

    Our expert immigration Solicitors at Sky will advise you on certain factors that may affect your chances of success. We will further support you in tailoring a high-quality application draft with all the supporting documents

  • Refusal of Administration at the Airport

    You can be detained at a UK Airport if you do not have the correct visa. Border Force will detain you and could deny you entry to the UK. The risk of detention is great especially if there is a risk that you would abscond. The main reasons for being detained include:

    • having no travel plans to leave the UK
    • bringing all your belongings with you for a visa that is short-term
    • being detained previously
    • entering the UK again shortly after leaving
    • previous immigration history of overstaying.

    For urgent immigration advice and assistance contact our immigration lawyers.

  • Deportation Appeal Solicitors

    If you are facing deportation and wish to make a successful appeal, you can approach our expert Deportation Appeal Solicitors for emergency assistance. Depending on your circumstances, we can consider an injunction and explore potential legal grounds and fight for your rights to stay in the UK.

    The deportation cases are often very complex, so it is crucial to have expert legal representation if you are a foreign national prisoner. Hence, we can further represent you in Judicial review proceedings if your rights to appeal or Human rights claims are exhausted.


Stay informed and up to date on the latest immigration policies and procedures by accessing the official UK Home Office website. Please note that the information provided on external websites may become outdated, so it’s crucial to rely on the official source. Empower yourself with accurate and current information today by visiting [Click here]. Don’t miss out on crucial updates that may impact your immigration journey.

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