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  • Hire a UK Immigration Solicitors

    UK Immigration matters can be complicated and must be dealt by solicitors experienced in the field of immigration law. This is the first step towards your successful application.

    Our UK Immigration solicitors provide support for Personal Immigration and Business Immigration.

    • In Personal Immigration we cover the following type of visas but are not limited to, study visa, work visa, family visa, leave to remain routes, as well as UK citizenship and asylum applications.
    • In Business Immigration we cover the following types of visas but are not limited to, Start up Visa, Innovator Visa, entrepreneur visa extensions, investor visa, Sponsor License applications, Sponsor License revocation and suspension, Sponsor License renewal.

    We have helped 1000s of individuals and businesses successfully, in complex immigration cases, appeals and judicial reviews.

  • Correct Advice and Assistance on UK Immigration Matters

    • Speak to our immigration advisor and get personalized advice about your immigration matter.
    • Have our lawyers prepare and submit your application on your behalf to the Home Office.
    • Speak to our immigration advisor and get personalized advice about your immigration matter.
  • Partner and Family Visas

    Sky Solicitors is committed to joining families together in the UK. Family and private life visa applications are more complex as you would be expected to provide detailed evidence. Furthermore, each family’s circumstances can be very unique. So, one shouldn’t read a blog and conclude, if that was good for them, it must be good for me.

    We will tailor a specific approach for you according to your circumstances in order to have more chances of winning the case. Our immigration solicitors will help you with your immigration matters for the following circumstances:

    • Entry Clearance Visa Applications: This includes:
      • Spouse Visa who gets married and would like to bring their spouse to the UK
      • Fiancé Visa who intends to get married in the UK within 6 months
      • Civil Partnership Visa Same-sex couples would like to bring their partners to the UK
    • In-country Family Visa Applications Leave to Remain Extensions
    • Adult Dependent Visa Application To bring your parents or other relatives to the UK to be cared for
    • Children Dependents Visa under the age of 18 years of British Nationals or Settled Persons
    • UK Ancestry Visa For commonwealth citizens, whose grandparents were British Nationals
  • Settlement and Citizenship Applications

    Our journey to Naturalising as a British Citizen may take years depending on the route. In most cases you will need to have Indefinite leave to remain status for at least 12 months before you are illegible to apply for British Citizenship. While meeting certain statutory criteria with regards to your immigration status.

    Our Solicitors deal with Settlement and Citizenship applications on a daily basis. We will guide you through the complex requirements of the application process, check your eligibility and prepare and submit your application as per the requirements of the Home Office.

    Multiple visa categories can lead to settlement including:

    • Spouse Visa
    • Family & Private Life Visa
    • Business Visas
    • General work visas and Intra-Company transfer
  • Study Visas

    This is the standard student visa that is required by the applicant willing to take the courses and degrees lasting for longer than 6 months. As a part of our services, we will liaise with the Home Office to ensure that your application is processed in time allowing you to come to UK on time to attend your course of study. You will need to satisfy the below requirements before applying for student visa:

    • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies from a university that is a licensed student sponsor
    • Enough funds to pay for both your course tuition fees and your monthly living costs
    • English language skills
  • Work  Visa (Skilled or Temporary)

    The work visa category is for the people who wish to work in the UK. The work visa provides both short-term and long-term stay in the UK.

    Short-term visas (Tier 5) consists of:

    • Charity Worker visa
    • Creative and Sporting visa
    • Government Authorised Exchange visa
    • International Agreement Worker visa
    • Religious Worker visa
    • Seasonal Worker visa
    • Youth Mobility Scheme visa

    Long-term visas consist of:

    • Skilled Worker visa
    • Health and Care Worker visa
    • Intra-company visas
    • Minister of Religion visa (Tier 2)
    • Sportsperson visa (Tier 2)
  • Refusal of the Application

    After the preparation and submission of an application to the home office, it may happen that your application is refused by the home office. This can be because of number of reasons and it is a very unpleasant event.

    In case of Spouse Entry Clearance application this is a heart breaking situation, as the applicant will have to wait few extra months before they can join his / her spouse in the UK.

    Sky Solicitors can help you in this difficult situation. In the unfortunate situation where the application is refused, a Right of Appeal is given. However there are some categories where there is No Right to Appeal the decision. Thus we will have to apply a different approach. Such as Admin Review, Pre Action Protocol or a Judicial Review.

  • Immigration Appeals

    Appeals are an overly complex area of law and the appeal process must be handled by an immigration expert. If your application (for entry clearance, further leave to remain, settlement, Spouse/marriage visa, child visa, or human rights visa) has been refused. Our immigration solicitors can assist you by lodging an appeal against the decision made by the Home Office.

    Initially you can appeal to First tier tribunal if the Home Office has:

    • Refused your protection claim
    • Refused you a visa application / residence document or decided to deport you
    • Revoked your British citizenship
  • Delays in the Application

    We have come across so many situations where a person applied for his application to the Home Office but there is a delay in the decision. The decision time varies from application to application. If we take an example of a Further Leave to Remain applications: Normally the Home Office states that they will make a decision with in 6 months, however, the decision sometimes can take more than a year.

    We have experts who know how to expedite the process and to get you Visa as soon as possible. We have done it from many of our clients and now they are happy living with their families.

    Another example of delay could be: When your Entry Clearance Appeal is allowed and the home office takes month before issuing the visa. In such cases, contact us immediately and we will help you expedite the process so that you can join your family in the UK.

  • How can Sky Solicitors help you with your immigration matter?

    Our team can help you in all immigration matters. Any work we take on, we prepare the application to high standards. Not only the applications but we have successfully overturned deportation orders, judicial reviews, refused entry clearance, refused in-country visas applications and united families with their loved ones.

    Here at Sky, we work efficiently and in timely manner. Whether it’s a simple spouse visa application, complex immigration Visa Application, Appeal against a Home office decision or Judicial Review claim, we know the exactly process to handle your case.

    Although sometimes Immigration applications can be complicated and can take time to resolve. Our top Immigration Solicitors team deals with many complex cases daily. We can give you a realistic and accurate immigration legal advice. We deal with your immigration matter from start to finish, giving you peace of mind.

  • Routes to the UK Settlement

    10 Years Route to Settlement based on Long Residence and Private Life

    Long Residence route is a 10 years route to settlement which means that the person who have been in the UK for a continuous period of at least 10 years can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).

    10 years can be a combination of different visas.

    5 Years Route to Settlement Based on Skilled Worker Visa

    Skilled Worker Visa holders need to have lived in the UK for a qualifying period of 5 years and fulfil several requirements such as minimum annual salary threshold and at the appropriate rate among others.

    5 or 10 Years Routes to Settlement Based on Spouse Visa

    After spending 5 years in the UK as the Spouse of a British citizen or settled person, you will be eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).

    Application for leave to remain as a spouse under 10 years route is usually made by those applicants who cannot meet the requirements such as, financial requirement, immigration status requirement, or English language requirement set for spouse visa 5-year route.

    5 Years Route to Settlement Based on Sole Representative of an Overseas Business Visa

    The Sole Representative of an Overseas Business visa allows a senior employee of an overseas business to come to the UK to set up and run a UK branch or wholly owned subsidiary of the overseas parent company. Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) can be obtained after 5 years in the Representative of an Overseas Business visa category.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why do you need an Immigration Lawyer?

    Immigration matters in the UK differ by level of complexity It is important that your application is handled by a professional solicitor who has ample experience and can prepare your application correctly without the probability of being refused We here at Sky Solicitors have been dealing with complex immigration issues for years and our solicitors are well trained to provide your proper guidance and take up your matter as per the UK immigration policies and home office requirements.
  • How to find a good uk Immigraiton Lawyer?

    Although numerous immigration firms in the UK provide excellent immigration services, it is imperative to hire an immigration solicitor with a proven and consistent success record. Our team of highly experienced solicitors are well versed with all sorts of immigration-related matters and each solicitor works dedicatedly with each client in an effort to help them win their case.

  • What is the cost of hiring a UK Immigraiton Solicitor?

    To give peace of mind to our clients, we charge a fixed fee on all Immigration matters. However, the fee is different for different applications, Appeals and Judicial Reviews. That is because every application has different circumstances, thus depending upon the amount of work the fees differ.
  • How to Find a Reliable and Affordable Immigration Solicitors near you?

    Having offices in major cities of the UK, including London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Chester we are well positioned to serve clients in Slough, Croydon, Sheffield, Coventry, Leicester, Bradford, Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool, and many other locations.
  • How can you get free initial Immigration advice?

    Sky Solicitor provide Free Immigration Advice over the phone and email. We will inform you whether you are eligible to apply for a UK Visa or not.
  • How quickly can Sky Solicitors prepare my application?

    We here at Axis Solicitors work in the best interest of our clients. We have a team of expert solicitors who can prepare your application on priority basis. We can even provide the immigration services on the same day. Contact us today!