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Our client, Mr M, who was a national of Pakistan, got married to Mrs F, a British Citizen. Their families have been good friends for a very long time, and through their family members, they were introduced to one another. Hence during this time, they developed a strong friendship

Immigration Situation

Mrs F travelled to Pakistan in 2017 and stayed with our client Mr M and his family. During this visit is when the relationship began. Two years later, Mrs F went to Pakistan again for the official marriage ceremony and got married on 19 August 2019 in Pakistan, in the presence of family and friends. They spent several days with one another, on various trips to Pakistan. However, due to the pandemic situation, the sponsor was unable to travel to Pakistan and couldn’t reunite for a few months.


The situation made the couple vulnerable and helpless, but they didn’t give up. The couple searched online for a Solicitor who could help them bring each other together and make them stay together in the UK for settlement. Mrs F stumbled upon our social media and made an appointment through our representative to speak to our expert Solicitor, who dealt with such cases hundreds of times. Our licensed Solicitor took all the relevant information and provided the list of documents to her. Upon receiving the documents, our Solicitor submitted a well-drafted application to the Home Office.


Six weeks after we applied for Entry Clearance Visa based on a Spouse of a British Citizen, our Solicitor received a confirmation email from the Home Office that the application has been approved. Therefore, our client arrived in the UK in 2021 where he was reacquainted with his spouse. Now the couple is living happily together.

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